Azusa Miura

Azusa Puchimas

Game Idolm@ster
Debut Episode Puchim@s Episode 24: Tiny Twins
Birthday July 19
Age 21
Weight 48kg
Height 168cm
Occupation Idol
Corresponding Puchidol Miurasan
Adopted Puchidol Miurasan
Japanese Voice Actor Chiaki Takahashi

Azusa Miura Is an idol who works at 765pro who appeared in this series in Puchim@s Episode 24: Tiny Twins. With a bust size of 91 centimeters, she is considered the bustiest of all the idols.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Azusa has measurements of 91-59-86, making her the most beautiful of all the idols. Personality wise, she is very kind and never loses her temper, easygoing and carefree. One note is she has a terrible sense of direction.


Azusa returned from a three month trip with Koami and Komami in tow. Later she finds Miurasan, her own puchidol and offers her to take her home only to find herself in Africa two hours afterward (which ultimately boggles the mind).