Kotori Otonashi

Kotori Puchimas

Game Idolm@ster
Debut Episode Puchim@s Episode 8: A Variety of Body Types
Birthday September 9
Age 22
Weight 49kg
Height 159cm
Occupation Secretary
Corresponding Puchidol Piyopiyo
Adopted Puchidol Piyopiyo
Japanese Voice Actor Juri Takita

Kotori Otonashi is an assistant who works at 765Pro. She made her debut in the Puchim@s series in Puchim@s Episode 8: A Variety of Body Types. She thinks the Puchidols are cute but Her corresponding Puchidol, Piyopiyo she thinks is the cutest by far.


Kotori wanted to make coffee and decided to use milk instead of cream. She notices Chihya who is staring at her. She becomes nervous. She spies on Chihya from behind a wall and when she eats the bread Kotori's nose sarts gushing out sparkling pink blood and she loses control of herself since she thinks the act is too cute.

She also gets in trouble with Ritsuko Akizuki just for getting involved with Miki Hoshii and Yayoi Takatsuki's Kotatsu party.


  • A common running gag of Kotori is she is getting scolded at by Ritsuko or Chicchan for getting involved in stupidity or not.