Mami Futami

Mami Puchimas

Game Idolm@ster
Debut Episode Puchim@s Episode 1: Tiny Puchidols
Birthday May 22
Age 12
Weight 39kg
Height 149cm
Occupation Idol
Corresponding Puchidol Komami
Adopted Puchidol Takanya
Japanese Voice Actor Shimoda Asami

Mami Futami is one of the idols who works at 765pro along with her twin sister Ami Futami. She can be told apart from her sister by wearing a blue hair accessory and tying it to the right. She is the younger of the twins. Her Puchidol is Komami.


Mami appears first in this series in Puchim@s Episode 1: Tiny Puchidols when she finds Yukipo in a box on the street and asks the producer if she can keep her.

When Ritsuko Akizuki demands the Producer to return Takanya to Brazil Mami and Ami took it upon themselves to adopt Takanya.