Anime Puchim@s
Debut Episode Puchim@s Episode 32: Safe Return
Race Puchidol
Corresponding Idol Azusa Miura
Caretaker Azusa Miura
Japanese Voice Actor Eriko Nakamura

Miurasan is a puchidol who resembles Azusa Miura and made her debut in Puchim@s Episode 32: Safe Return.


Iori Minase found Miurasan in one of the Egyptian Pyramids with Yayoi Takatsuki. At the office, Ritsuko Akizuki refuses to let them keep her but Yukiho Hagiwara points out that she disappeared and reappeared all over the office. Azusa Miura found her by the street while heading to work. When she offered to take her home, they got lost in Africa two hours afterward.

Ability Edit

Her special power is teleporting herself and others in her vicinity with her whenever she heard a sound (normally a clap).