A Peaceful Day

Episode 16

Anime Puchim@s
Ending Theme Thank You Yesterdays
Air Date January 22, 2013
Previous Episode Puchim@s Episode 15: I Can't Take it Anymore!
Next Episode Puchim@s Episode 17: Puchidol Language

A Peaceful Day is the sixteenth episode of Puchim@s which aired on January 22, 2013.

Episode PlotEdit

This episode begins with Hibiki Ganaha entering the office. After her self introduction, she sits under a kotatsu that appeared from out of nowhere. After looking around, she wonders why there is a kotatsu and Miki Hoshii says that it is warm. Suddenly Yayoi Takatsuki appears with a pot of stew for them to eat. When Hibiki asks Yayoi if it's okay to slack off Miki says it's fine since Ritsuko Akizuki and the puchidols are not here today. When Hibiki tells her to be more concerned, from out of nowhere, Takane Shijou sits with them and tells Hibiki to chill out more. As Hibiki is dumbfounded as to how Takane got into the office, Takane asks Yayoi for seconds. When Hibiki asks her what she is doing at the office Takane says it's a secret. Miki tells Hibiki not to worry about it but Hibiki says she is too care free. Takane tells her that it's good to be care free to which Miki agrees. However, Miki asks why Takane is here since she didn't invite her and Takane says it's a secret.



  • Hibiki Ganaha
  • Takane Shijou


  • Hibiki Ganaha
  • Yayoi Takatsuki
  • Miki Hoshii
  • Takane Shijou