Shiny Forehead

Episode 35

Anime Puchim@s
Ending Theme TODAY With ME
Air Date February 18, 2013
Previous Episode Puchim@s Episode 34: Gotcha
Next Episode Puchim@s Episode 36: Pride on the Line
Shiny Forehead is the thirty-fifth episode of Puchim@s which aired on February 18, 2013.

Episode PlotEdit

This episode begins with a recap of the previous one. We then go back to how Miki Hoshii and Io, the Puchidol that looks like Iori Minase, first met. Miki asks "-- A Guardian deity?". The village elder explains that she was the goddess of another tribe but she was self-centered and a handful. Miki teases Io with a riceball and says wow. The village elder gives Miki Io and in excange for taking her gives Miki another riceball and Miki accepts with a thumbs up. Flashforward to the present. At the airport, Miki asks Azusa Miura what the name of her Puchidol is and she says she dosen't have one yet and they should pick one for her when they get back to Japan. Miki says it's a great idea. Suddenly, a thunderstorm hits causing all flights to be delayed. Miki is sad because she has a concert tomorrow and she'll miss it. The Azusa Puchidol taps Azusa's head and tells her to clap her hands. She asks and the Puchidol confirms. Azusa does so and the Puchidol warps anfd takes them with her. Meanwhile, at 765Pro, Ritsuko Akizuki says there is no luck finding the missing Puchidol and wonders where she went to. Suddenly, Azusa, Miki and the two new Puchidols appear and fall on the floor. Azusa says they're back and Ritsuko, who is stunned at their sudden appearance, says welcome back. Azusa approaches Ritsuko with her Puchidol and asks if they can all come up with a name for her Puchidol. Haruka Amami comes from out of nowhere and says she votes for Miurasan and says I'm Haruka Amami. Azusa repeats and, being ignored, Haruka forces her answer and from that day on the Azusa Puchidol was known as Miurasan



  • Azusa Miura
  • Miki Hoshii
  • Ritsuko Akizuki
  • African Villagers


  • Miurasan
  • Io