Today With Me is the second ending theme of Puchim@s which lasted from February 1 to February 28 replacing "Thank You Yesterdays" and later be replaced by "Maybe Tomorrow".


This ending features Ami Futami, Mami Futami, Yukiho Hagiwara, Chihaya Kisaragi, Hibiki Ganaha and their respective Puchidols: Koami, Komami, Yukipo, Chihya and Chibiki. The logo appears with the silhouettes of the five puchidols on top of it. both the idols and their respective puchidols are playing Old Maid. Ami and Mami got a pair of fours and Koami and Komami are happy. Yukiho is releaved that she got a pair of sixes. Chihaya is worried that she has the old maid with Chihya, in winter hair, looking over her. Hibiki has one card left and Chibiki is sitting in her lap. Hibiki reaches for the card in Chihaya's hand. Hibiki grabs the ten and Chihaya and Chihya are left with the old maid. With a pair of tens, Hibiki wins and everyone except Chihaya and Chihya celebrate. Yukipo is snug in the desk but her tanuki tail can be seen. Yukipo is sad too. The screen is covered in playing cards with Koami and Komami on the Jack of Diamonds, Yukipo on the Queen of Hearts, Chibiki on the King of Hearts and Chihya on the Joker. The screen changes and four puzzle pieces appear in this order: First, Yukiho is seen cuddling a tired Yukipo, Hibiki, wearing one of Kotori Otonashi's outfits, is carrying office papers and Chibiki is helping her, Chihaya is wearing cat ears and looks at Chihya with adorability and Ami, Mami, Koami and Komami are in respective gopher costumes with Mami taking off the head of hers. The five idols do a can-can with their respective puchidols on their heads and take a few steps forward. They can-can again while smiling and walk forward again. The ending screen consists of Ami and Mami giving each other a hi-five, Hibiki holding up Chibiki, Yukiho cuddling Yukipo and Chihya covering Chihaya's face.

Lyrics (Japanese)Edit

ako sukoshi dake ato sukoshi dake
minna to koko ni itai
kako to mirai o tsunagi awasete
kyou wa ichiban daiji
Today yha Today yha Today yha hareruya
Today yha Today yha hareruya

Lyrics (English)Edit

For just a little longer, for just a little longer
I want to stay here with you all
Connecting the past with the future
is what makes today the most important of all
Today yha today yha today yha hallelujah
Today yha today yha hallelujah