Takane Shijou

Takane Puchimas

Game Idolm@ster
Debut Episode Puchim@s Episode 16: A Peaceful Day
Birthday January 21
Age 17
Weight 49kg
Height 169cm
Occupation Idol
Corresponding Puchidol Takanya
Adopted Puchidol Koami and Komami
Japanese Voice Actor Yumi Hara

Takane Shijou is an idol who works for 765Pro. She made her debut in this series in Puchim@s Episode 16: A Peaceful Day. Her corresponding puchidol is Takanya.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Takane has silver hair, which makes everyone call her the Silver Queen. Personality wise at times she is mysterious, at times she is goofy and she thinks the puchidols are adorable, especially Koami and Komami, puchidols she adopted.


Instead of adopting Takanya her corresponding puchidol, Takane adopts Koami and Komami.