Thank You Yesterdays is the first ending theme of Puchim@as which lasted from episode 1 to episode 23 when it was later replaced by "Today with Me".

Description Edit

This ending features Haruka Amami, Makoto Kikuchi, Miki Hoshii, Ritsuko Akizuki and their respective Puchidols: Harukasan, Makochi, Afu and Chicchan. First Harukasan jumps up, then Afu leaps, then Makochi and finally Chicchan with a slapping fan, and their four idols and the puchis on screen then the logo appears. First, Haruka appears with a whole bunch of Harukasans and gives a thumbs up, next Makoto walks around with Makochi in her handbag, then Miki and Afu are eating rice balls and finally Chicchan serves Ritsuko some tea after a hard days work. The eight are seen dancing and the four puchi's fall over. Then stils of Haruka and Harukasan, Miki and Afu, Makoto and Makochi and Ritsuko and Chicchan ending with all 8 in one shot.

Lyrics (Japanese)Edit

Dont' Don't Don't Say Goodbye
kimi to de aeta koto
wakari aeta koto
issho ni irareru koto
honto ni arigato
tsumi kasanatte kata hibi no kazu dake
sunao ni nareru yo
honto ni sankyuu yesterdays

Lyrics (English)Edit

Dont' Don't Don't Say Goodbye
Being able to meet you
Being able to connect with you you
Being able to be with you
Thank you so much for it all
All the days that we've shared together
make me that much more sincere
Thank you so much yesterdays